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Consider a Donation Today

Preserving Our Heritage with Your Support


At the West Kern Oil Museum, we are dedicated to preserving and celebrating the rich heritage and culture of the west side. Operated and maintained solely by passionate volunteers, our museum stands as a testament to the collective effort of those who cherish our unique history.


Powering the Museum through Your Generosity


Your donation plays a pivotal role in sustaining our mission. As a volunteer-driven institution, every contribution directly fuels the preservation of exhibits, the maintenance of our facilities, and the continuous exploration of West Kern's cultural heritage.


Join Us in Preserving the Legacy


By contributing to the West Kern Oil Museum, you become an integral part of preserving the essence of our community. Your support empowers us to share our stories, educate future generations, and ensure that the vibrant tapestry of the west side's heritage remains alive.


Recognition for Your Impact


In appreciation of your generosity, the museum proudly acknowledges our donors. Your name will be immortalized within the legacy you help build, recognizing the vital role you play in sustaining the West Kern Oil Museum.


Donate Today and Be a Guardian of Heritage


Join hands with our dedicated volunteers. Your donation breathes life into our mission and secures the future of the West Kern Oil Museum. Together, let's continue to weave the story of our remarkable heritage.


Thank you for being a vital part of our journey!

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